YOYO' ECORESORT: when biomimicry and well-being become one

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Resort – Economy
  • University
    Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble
  • Lead Designer
    Jodel Bismarc Mekemta
  • Architect
    MEKEMTA Jodel Bismarc
  • Photo Credit
    MEKEMTA Jodel Bismarc
  • Location
    YOYO - Mouanko - Cameroon
  • Project Link

YOYO Eco Resort is an eco-tourism complex that values local resources while preserving its environment and the Atlantic coast. The resort aims to be the very first futuristic ecotourism project in Africa. Our complex is a coherent set of recreation, education, wellness, contact, discovery, culture enhancing and preserving the banks of Yoyo.
The architecture of the complex is inspired by oysters, which are edible marine mollusks and are one of the main sources of income for the population, the majority of which are fishermen. The buildings are similar to shells and their colored bands recall the different colors of oysters found in nature and create a signal in the space around which the spaces of the complex are developed. Water has a soothing, wellness and therapeutic effect that is recognized by experts.
The complex aims to reduce its ecological footprint by using natural local materials adapted to the climate such as wood for sunshades and others supporting structures, compressed earth bricks for the walls, bamboo, straw and slag.. The mode of transportation is soft mobility which reduces CO2 emissions and preserves the beauty of the landscape.

MEKEMTA is a young Cameroonian born on 14th August 1998 in Yaoundé. He is currently studying for a Master's degree in Architecture at EAMAU (Ecole Africaine des Métiers de l'Architecture et de l'Urbanisme) in Lome, Togo. He is a passionate, optimistic, creative and sociable young man who sees himself working alongside imminent architects all over the world. Already winner of several architecture competitions organised throughout the world, he is convinced that just as the writer heals society, architecture teaches, shares, heals and offers a second life to our existential condition.

Other prizes
- BLT Build Design Awards 2021 - Jury's Favorite in Architectural design- Emergency and Temporary Housing - BLT Build Design Awards 2021 - Winner in Architectural design- Emergency and Temporary Housing - BLT Build Design Awards 2021 - Winner in Architectural Design-Industrial Building - Architecture Master Prize - Industrial Building Award, 2021 - Speaker at the DigitalFUTURES Young: Sea Level and Climate Change,April 2021 - First Prize for Essay competition to write about Sensory Architecture organized by Archiol, February 2021 - Winner of AWARDS 37th Cycle - student category, organized by World architecture community, May 2020 - Winner of AWARDS 35th Cycle - student category, organized by World architecture community, November 2020 - First prize in skyscraper competition organized by Archeathon, February 2020 - First prize Gaudi Award Green Building Category organized by Silkmatters, November 2020 - Second Winner/ Lagos city of water competition 2020, septembre 2020 - Third Prize/ Archigenieur ; local healthcare facility in Africa, Octobre 2020 - Top 10 Entries/ Arcdeck ; The Radical design Project 2020, Août 2020 - Shortlisted/ UNI Design ; CityScraper 2020, Novembre 2020 - Shortlisted/ Art urbain ; Les villes, bourgs et villages - Les mobilités pour tous, Novembre 2020 - Shortlisted/ UNI Design ; Habitats '20 award 2020, Novembre 2020 - Shortlisted/ AWARDS 36th Cycle ; Designed 2020, Decembre 2020 - Shortlisted/ Autumn World Campus Masters Selective Graduation Design Program 2020, - People’s Choice/ UNI Design ; HEAL + Regenerative housing for Kerala, Fevrier 2019 - 19th place / World Architecture Project Competition 2020/ KASLIK WORKSHOP, Decembre 2020,