The Atrium Bar & Restaurant

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Event Space
  • University
    Sydney Design School
  • Lead Designer
    Jerusha Tiqui
  • Interior Designer
    Jerusha Tiqui
  • Photo Credit
    Jerusha Tiqui
  • Location
  • Project Date

The Atrium is a bar and restaurant in the heart of Marrickville, Sydney. It is a destination venue creating a sense of discovery for its customers like a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered.

The inspiration for this project stems from Joost Bakker's travels around the world and the many sustainable discoveries he uncovered.

This lead to the concept of 'Off the Beaten Track,' which is that exhilarating feeling of discovering untouched earth and feeling amazed with the expanse of what mother nature has to offer.

The concept was further explored with a compass taken apart and broken down, leading to an arch, which is the heart and foundation of the building. Along with its architectural strength, the arch is symbolic in leaving the old and entering the new. Therefore, The Atrium is a symbol of increasing awareness on sustainability within the community.

The Atrium bar and restaurant is a place of discoveries, full of natural light and colours from nature, for family and friends over an enjoyable meal.