The Sherburne Inn

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Historic & Heritage
  • University
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Lead Designer
    Constance Chu
  • Location
    Sherburne, NY

Heritage is the story of the passing of time. In a relic of the past, the Sherburne Inn is a hotel that seeks to embrace its history and beginnings as a humble traveler’s inn in 1917—offering a homely, lived-in guest experience for its new beginnings as a restorative hotel destination. The dichotomy of old and new is what Sherburne Inn explores.
Saved by the local community from demolition, it is a landmark integral to the town’s identity. Keeping the existing structure and even celebrating it were crucial so the building could tell the tale of its time. The original construction becomes something guests can interact with and experience. Instances of brick are left exposed and act as a visual and tactile thread throughout the guest experience, linking the historical exterior facade to the subtleties and age of the architecture inside.
Like walking into someone’s house, the spaces sought to evoke a sense of intimacy and warmth for guests to allow themselves to unwind and heal from their busy lives. This meant more mindful, sustainable interiors using Bio-Based Flooring, VOC-free window treatments, repurposed furniture, air-purifying antimicrobial paint, and water-saving fixtures.