• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Private House
  • Company/Firm
    Romero De La Mora Architecture & Development
  • Lead Designer
    Rodrigo Romero de la Mora
  • Architect
    Rodrigo Romero de la Mora
  • Interior Designer
    Rodrigo Romero de la Mora
  • Photo Credit
    Ariadna Polo
  • Location
    Amanali, Hidalgo
  • Project Date
    november, 2022

Casa Camelia is projected under the premise of having a weekend house that would have all the essential elements that, in our experience, these recreation spaces should have, so that the entire house can literally be opened towards its four coordinates, generating entrances of very important light and air, with views of the golf course and green areas that surround us. The finishes in this house are sustainably low-maintenance and we use mostly native and neighboring regions, with neutral colors, natural textures and friendly to restful coexistence.