Modern Design Principles of Architecture - Woods At Sasan

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Wellness ( SPA, Yoga, Retreat)
  • Company/Firm
    1000 Island Hotels and Resorts
  • Lead Designer
    Maria Portela
  • Other Designer(s)
    Maulik Bhagat, Kunjal, Karthik
  • Location
    Sasan, Gujarat
  • Architect
    Modern Design Principles of Architecture
  • Interior Designer
  • Hospitality
    1000 Island Hotels and Resorts
  • Developer
    Maulik Bhagat

We are the first retreat in India built along biophilic design guidelines.
We believe that design for wellbeing is crucial in shaping spaces that allow us to live healthier, happier, spiritual lives and our approach to architecture is accordingly inspired.Our vision of the built environment, one that merges gracefully into the existing terrain, was shaped by a dialogue with the natural lay of the land and the local people. Located on the edge of the Sasan Gir forest in the state of Gujarat, a dry deciduous forest and the last habitat of Asian lions, the retreat is spread over 16-acres of an old mango orchard that preserves over 280+ of the original trees and is home to a variety of birds, insects and small animals.
Designed with modern architectural principles that respond to environment and regional conditions, the retreat is built using locally sourced, non-toxic, reclaimed and reusable materials to minimise concrete use and reduce carbon footprint. The 38-key property’s footprint covers 12-17% of the total land area, and semi-open spaces approximately 30% of the total built-up area.
The ethos is simple – modern design for a pared down and timeless character to the architecture.