Green Grass Masaryk

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Casual
  • Company/Firm
    Faci Leboreiro
  • Lead Designer
    Faci Leboreiro
  • Architect
    Carlos Faci y Marina Leboreiro
  • Interior Designer
    Carlos Faci y Marina Leboreiro
  • Construction Company
    Faci Leboreiro
  • Photo Credit
    Luis Gallardo
  • Location
    Ciudad de México
  • Project Date
    Marzo 2022

Greengrass has served salads in Mexico City since 2007. After thirteen years, it decided to transform its concept, aligning it with its values of well-being, freshness, and authenticity, which shaped this new space.

Our starting point was to create a palette of local materials, as if putting together a salad: representing the freshness and the authentic origin of the products. Using oak wood, amani marble, and colors that heightened the architectonic aspects of the location, like barrisol lighting and marble panels, which lodge art works.The restaurant's amani marble walls work as a linen cloth to promote local artists - part of the brand's proposal to approach the creative side of customers and build community - turning the premises into a live and constant-changing gallery.

Illumination was created in cooperation with In Light We Trust, aiming to accentuate the architectonic details of the space through a very clean and clear illumination, taking advantage of the transparency of the premises, especially towards the terrace area, and turning it into a reference for the passers-by.