Alfresco Restaurant

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Fine Dining
  • Company/Firm
    YODEZEEN architects
  • Lead Designer
    Arthur Sharf, Artem Zverev
  • Photo Credit
    Andrii Shurpenkov
  • Location
  • Project Date
    December 2021

The restaurant building was built from scratch because the atmosphere was born in the foundation, and the completion period took 10 months. The soft murmur of water from the fountain on the patio, and the drawings of sun and shadow borders on the rough, eggshell-colored facade, immerse you in modern Italy at first glance.

A restaurant of 1600 square meters is a kind of well with a cozy courtyard with a fountain and an abundance of greenery inside. The dining space with the largest seating stands out with a certain pomposity while the small dining space located next to it is more secluded and intimate.

A special kind of enjoyment that the layout and architecture of Alfresco give visitors is the start or end of a day in the fresh air at the fountain, as the outdoor patio starts along the inner facade of the building and leads to the covered patio of 274 square meters.

The facade of the building itself looks very inviting in its soft eggshell hue and crisp lines of stucco. And the uppermost material of the project, rustic travertine, builds up a domestic comfort of a sunny country and performs an enchanting function inside the restaurant.