• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Nightclub
  • Company/Firm
    Ashley Sutton Design
  • Lead Designer
    Ashley Sutton
  • Hospitality
    Minor Hotels
  • Photo Credit
    Minor Hotels
  • Location
    Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Project Date
    November 2020

LOST & FOUND promises fabulous food and drink, boundary-pushing entertainment and a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone.

Designed by Ashley Sutton of The Iron Fairies and Maggie Choo’s fame, LOST & FOUND at Avani+ Riverside Bangkok hotel intrigues guests with its elongated bunker-like design to the piston moving ceiling lights, the intimate space is not only a restaurant and bar but also offers a performance space for some of the city’s most unique shows and performers.

Besides a rotating roster of theatrical performances of drag artists, live singers, puppetry and burlesque, the venue offers artistic aficionados its own signature show, based on the bar’s fictional backstory. The audience will be immersed in the lives of a cast of performers and their struggles as they wander the world disorientated and told to fit in. They discover a safe escape by the river and beat a retreat. LOST & FOUND and its community of magnificent misfits becomes a decadent destination for extravagant, eccentric expression for everyone to escape to when the boring boundaries of society’s standards become too much.