• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Cocktail Bar
  • Company/Firm
    Run For The Hills
  • Lead Designer
    Anna Burles
  • Other Designer(s)
    Artist Justin Hibbs, Philippe Bougue (Run For The Hills)
  • Architect
    John Glover
  • Interior Designer
    Run For The Hills
  • Hospitality
    Daisy Green Collection
  • Construction Company
    Barnwood Ltd
  • Photo Credit
    Katya De Grunwald
  • Location
    City of London (100 Bishopsgate)
  • Project Date
    Nov 2022
  • Developer
    Brookfield Properties
  • Project Link

Paradise Green is an epic venue in London City: with 3 bar/restaurants and truly immersive art. ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’ have distinct entrances and personalities; paying homage to the golden beach mornings and sultry nights of Surfers Paradise in Australia. 'Sunrise' is sun-drenched Deco-fabulous gold. 'Sunset' channels 80s electric sundown vibes. They’re connected by a 3,000 sq foot mezzanine with buzzy kitchen, private bar and a PDR encapsulated in a Bank Heist installation by Lucy Sparrow, formerly shown at the Saatchi Art Gallery.

Daisy Collection owners Prue Freeman and Tom Onions are art collectors who fill their venues with new commissions; this time turning “Sunset” bar into a giant, light-art-piece.

It was a complex collaboration, starting life as an original bar design by the interior designers, then given to Artist Justin Hibbs to develop into a large-scale artwork. Justin tested his designs across multiple panes, using 3D models. The main contractor then developed structural drawings before fabricating off-site in modular parts. Light-sheet specialists recommended a stretch fabric lightbox to display the final art. A unique bar which beckons the night away.

Run for The Hills is an award-winning multi-disciplinary design studio based out of London specialising in hospitality design. Founded by Chris Trotman and Anna Burles, the studio is renowned as the go-to design team for premium casual dining lifestyle brands, designing highly original bars, restaurants, boutique cinemas, members clubs, boutique residential and hotels. Their work combines branding, interiors and web design, creating highly original in-venue graphics and art, interwoven seamlessly within their effortlessly cool interior designs.