Kilik Social Club

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Bar Lounge
  • Company/Firm
    Gratitude Design
  • Lead Designer
    Warakorn Termwattanapakdee
  • Interior Designer
    Warakorn Termwattanapakdee
  • Construction Company
    Gratitude Design
  • Photo Credit
    Panoramic Studio
  • Location
    Sukhumvit26, Klongtoei, Bangkok
  • Project Date

Kilik, is a word in Tagalog which its meaning in English is to have butterflies in your stomach, meaning you have a nervous feeling in your stomach. Happens when you see your crush or the rush feeling of excitement.
Our main concept design is from the Enchanted forest which is filled with mythical creatures and fantasies. We designed each element of the bar as a part of the forest combining the Western design with an Asian twist.
Main Entrance : Compass
Bar : Fortress
Seating Area : Enchanted Forest
Private Room (Second Floor) : Castle

A hulder is a seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore. The hulders were held to be kind to huntsmen. When they rest in the forest, she would wake them if there were any problems, they were able to sleep, and in exchange they left provisions for her in a special place. With the concept of Enchanted forest, our staff uniform is inspired by the mythical creatures in the forest.
Waitress uniform : the hulders
Bartender would : huntsmen