Meraki Riyadh

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Middle East
  • Company/Firm
    Cada Design Group Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Mark Durrant
  • Other Designer(s)
    Ellie Koumparos
  • Architect
    HDR Inc
  • Interior Designer
    CADA Design Group Ltd
  • Photo Credit
    Bayan AlSadiq Photography
  • Location
    Riyadh, KSA
  • Project Date
    Completed 2021

Meraki is a Greek restaurant concept first launched in London in 2017 by celebrated restaurateurs the Waney family. Our refreshed design for the Riyadh site pays homage to Greeceā€™s olive trees and natural wood and brings a sophisticated, vibrant and upbeat Mediterranean feel. A display of fresh seafood and a large open grill form the heart of the restaurant, highlighting the relationship with the sea and its importance to Greek culture. Materials with earthy qualities include a feature wall built of locally quarried stone and triangular tiles evoking classical Greek detailing and heritage. Abundant planting, redolent of a Greek island, is balanced with a level of refinement including fine finishes in brass. Social dining is very important in Riyadh; our large circular bespoke banquettes create semi-enclosed spaces for groups of family and friends. We worked with MEP consultants and specialist manufacturers to develop an exterior elevation that retracts, offering open air dining in the evening desert breeze during the cooler months - rare for Riyadh. This feature is enhanced by the suspended fabric ceiling which shimmers and ripples as the wind moves gently through the room.

CADA Design are internationally recognised experts in interior design for food and drink brands. We believe that the best hospitality and retail spaces blur boundaries between traditional categories, offering social experiences that form part of the fabric of our lives, giving people compelling reasons to visit and providing essential experiences that cannot be replicated online. In a world of endless choice, we create the places that people love and choose to return to.

Other prizes
Shortlisted and won: Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2022, 2016 FX Awards 2022, 2016 Design Week Awards 2022, 2015 FAB Awards 2022, 2019, 2018 Global RLI Awards 2018 Farm Shop & Deli Awards 2018 Retail Week Interiors Awards 2016 NAS Design Awards 2016 World Retail Awards 2016 Blueprint Awards 2015