• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Asia
  • Company/Firm
    PANORAMA Design Group
  • Lead Designer
    Horace Pan
  • Other Designer(s)
    Dennis Leong, Sunny Li
  • Interior Designer
    Reeve Poon, Nelca Wan, Ada Yiu, Elias Li
  • Photo Credit
    Ng Siu Fung, etoN
  • Location
    H Code, Central, Hong Kong
  • Project Date
    Nov 2022
  • Project Link

The Vietnamese word SEP is originated from the French word “Chef”, the design of this fine dining restaurant in bustling Central area of Hong Kong evokes the historical and cultural origins of the unique Vietnamese cuisine served. A sophisticated yet modern setting was derived by juxtaposition of Indochine-Vietnamese features and wood-fire inspired material palettes. Re-interpretation of the spatial order of a typical Indochine-Vietnamese mansion has been adopted to give hierarchy, layers and details to the space.

In the reception area the customers were greeted by an antique cabinet-like counter. Burnt timber wall cladding was used to express a “charred” sensation starting from this semi see-through foyer space and throughout the restaurant in setting a dark tone to complement S?P’s signature smoked & charcoaled dishes.

Bamboo was transformed into arch features to define a courtyard-like open dining area. A palette of orange contrasted with dark hues unified the décor, bench seating backed with patterned window panel and golden wall sconce overseeing the beautiful urban scenery.