• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Economy
  • Company/Firm
    Rig Design Co.,Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Ryan Wen
  • Interior Designer
    Ryan Wen
  • Hospitality
    INisle Arts and Culture Development (Chongqing) Co., LTD
  • Photo Credit
    Yang Fan
  • Location
    Chongqing, China
  • Project Date
    In January 2021

INisle Skyview Hotel And Bar, located on the 38th floor of the core scenic spot of Chongqing Yuzhong Peninsula, is one of the most fashionable designer hotels in downtown Chongqing. It boasts a 360-degree magnificent night view And vast river And mountains. It follows the concept of "MAN, DWELLS ON THIS EARTH POETICALLY-HEIDEGGER". The overall design style is simple, fashionable and poetic, with grey and white as the key, Prussian blue as the main color, Renaissance architectural elements, through the interpretation of modern context, to create a fashionable, soft atmosphere of the space.
Office space from the traditional studio designer and small hotels, this project combines the designer of the design work necessary to space, and is involved in the process of design elements and product, do the necessary and effective within the hotel display and display, especially the original show sales of furniture and art products, with the help of hotel customer channels and content distribution network, It provides a very efficient way of sales promotion for designer products, so that designers can produce more product value while showing space design ability.

Other prizes
2022 Italy A Design Award Silver Award M+ China high-end space design competition Mr. Wen zheping as the brothers decoration group design consultant won the chongqing area TOP10 Oscar Award of China Decoration Association: Gold Award of International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition Oscar AWARD of China Decoration Association: Silver Award of China International Space Design Competition As the only representative of Chongqing, Mr. Wen Zheping won the national TOP100 in M+ China High-end Space Design Competition Silver Award of Red Ding Award Design Competition Golden tile Award (Asia) Life Aesthetics Forum ten outstanding design wrist