• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Boutique
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Zao Lee
  • Other Designer(s)
    Zao Lee, Yongbin Zeng
  • Interior Designer
    Zao Lee
  • Location
    Guangzhou City, China

Y-TUO Hotel Design sees the hotel space as a medium for the re-expression of local culture and uses the hotel as a vehicle to connect traditional culture with modern life, so that consumers can discover the original intent of the past to open up the future.
The entrance to the Y-TUO Hotel in Chengdu is guided by paper airplanes. It will be presented in origami through artistic design technique which also echoes the fluttering shape of the hotel's facade.The free and unrestricted curves fly to different cities, which convey national memories and culture trends.
The lobby is not only refined with the historic bicycle as the main elements to link the space, but also integrated with Chengdu culture elements, such as neon sign, the tea house, local food and Sichuan opera. The ornament of space creates a special lifestyle experience space for the guests, and create a new way to refresh the history.
The guest room of Y-Tuo Hotel extracts materials from the concept of "three turns and one sound" in the old era,including bicycle, sewing machine, watch and radio. The design builds a spiritual bridge with consumers through the translation and reconstruction of its concept.

Zao Lee
Unit position: founder
Work unit: Guangzhou Dongzhe Design Consulting Co., Ltd.
Personal expertise: brand hotel design, brand apartment design, brand catering design.
My profile:
Founder of Guangzhou Dongzhe Design Consulting Co., Ltd.
Founder of Yisujia Boutique B&B
Senior member of Asia Pacific Design Center
Environmental Art Design Expert of Guangdong Commercial Art Design Industry Association
China's hotel industry Golden Light Award new designer

Other prizes
In 2010, he participated in the public experimental art exhibition "Lijiao Station - A Disappearing Coordinate System"; -Won the 2011 China Environmental Art Academic Year Award (Gold Award); -Won the 2017-2018 China Hotel Industry Golden Light Award: China Hotel Industry New Design -Won the 2018 Asia Pacific Space Design Award: Cross-border Designer; -Won the 2019 China Huading Award: Most Original Designer; -Won the 18/19 APDC Asia Pacific Design Elite Invitational Design Award; -Won the 19/20 Year Canada GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN design award; -Won the 19/20 British OUTSTANDING PROPERTY AWARD LONDON London Outstanding Property Award. -Won the 2020 DNA paris design awards in Paris, France, won the 2020 China Tourism and Accommodation Industry Golden Light Award for "Outstanding Designer", won the 2020 Asia Pacific Design Award, and was shortlisted for the 2020 AMP American Architect Award for Best Glory Award. PI Design 2020 The Best Glory Award of the Grand Prize Winner of the 2020 IAI Design Award Silver Award Winner of the 2020 Italian A DESIGN Design Award Bronze Award Winner of the 2021 North American PI Design Competition Glory Award