• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Resort – Midscale & Lifestyle
  • Company/Firm
    Chongqing Qimo Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Min Liu
  • Other Designer(s)
    Ruijie Du , Xianghong Liu
  • Interior Designer
    Min Liu
  • Location
    Chongqing, China

PUSHINE is located in Jinfo Mountain, NanchuanDistrict, Chongqing. The whole hotel is symbioticwith nature, creating an extremely secludedenvironment of Zen. In accordance with theBuddhist and Taoist principles, Pushine treatsguests with "Zen", aiming at conditioning the tiredguests' body and mind, cleansing the inner chaosand makine their thoughts become calm. The shape of light and shadow, space and materia the hotel building is a long shape based on the surrounding environment, in accordance with the mountain stream and built in the high and low fields of cottages, Bridges and water, creating a pure,quiet, profound space feeling. Continuing the overall integration of Japanese Zerstyle and modern minimalist style, natural light is the soul of Japanese stvle. In the lobby atrium, arempty patio introduces light into the interior, and fully activates the interaction between sunlight anc the colors inside the space. The simple spatial hierarchy is the aesthetic appeal of modern people.