• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Cruise ship & Yacht
  • Company/Firm
    JOI-Design IAD joehnk + partner mbB
  • Lead Designer
    Anne Wolff
  • Other Designer(s)
    Nicola Voss
  • Architect
    Concordia Damen
  • Interior Designer
    JOI-Design IAD joehnk + partner mbB
  • Hospitality
    A-ROSA Kreuzfahrten
  • Construction Company
    Concordia Damen
  • Photo Credit
    Christian Kretschmar for JOI-Design
  • Location
    Europa / River Rhine
  • Project Date
    June 2022

The designers’ land-based flair informed A-ROSA’s new-build, 4-interior level, prototype river vessel SENA aimed at multigenerational families & 40-60-year-olds. The Rhine’s largest vessel reinvents river cruising yet preserves slow travel as an antidote to ‘city hopping.’ Natural finishes make the vista centre stage & suggests residential yachts. Leather, wood & copper give the GRILL warmth; the PAVILION’s rotunda filters sunlight whatever the weather; the MARKET buffet has flexible seating, an exhibition kitchen & a 24-hour café; & wave-like wood fins add drama in the lounge & BAR. The sundeck’s UP AND DOWN BAR recesses into the floor for safety under bridges. Lounge & wingback chairs encircle the spa relaxation room’s fireplace. The 280-pax cabins’ high-end touches include vases for roses presented upon boarding & mirrors with built-in jewellery trays. Watercolour hues harmonise with balconies’ year-round proximity to nature. Dedicated play areas & family cabins are rare on riverboats: bunkbeds with ‘portholes’ encourage imaginations & let adults peek through curtains. Aspects like water bottle refill stations helped SENA win a DISQ German Award for Sustainability Projects 2022.