Paralloge Hotel

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Historic & Heritage
  • Company/Firm
    Guangzhou Uniarch Decoration Design Co., Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Haojian Ye
  • Interior Designer
    Haojian Ye
  • Construction Company
    Guangzhou Uniarch Decoration Design Co., Ltd
  • Location
    China Lijiang
  • Project Date
    1 July 2022

In the context of time, architecture survives a far longer time than humans. In the time span of its existence, architecture has witnessed the rise and fall of society and the reciprocation of life from generation to generation.

Older buildings were demolished to make way for new buildings, just like the life cycle. We hope that in such an alternation, heritage will be integrated into the architecture building.

In the reconstruction and renovation of the century-old building into Paralloge Hotel, we tried our best to preserve and maintain the original building components as much as possible. The concept is very similar to organ donation, where people can continue to live on in another way.

We have engaged with local craftsmen in relation works relating to stone, copper, and tile so that we are able to combine local traditional handicrafts with contemporary art trends, and create artworks that can demonstrate the unique local culture while still maintaining the traditional craftmanship. This would allow our hotel guests to experience the local culture more macroscopically, and to have a deeper understanding of the uniqueness and development possibilities of the local culture.