• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Social Housing
  • University
    Idées House/Ih
  • Lead Designer
    Natalie Solliard
  • Other Credit
    Mario Borreggine (Professor)
  • Location
    north-eastern network of French waterways, connected to the international network
  • Project Date

This is a theme to raise awareness of the problems linked to emergency reception. The project is imagined thanks to the French navigable canals.
It is a barge, type of boat, Freycinet, named after the French engineer who regulated the waterways and the dimensions necessary for navigation, transformed for emergency reception.
The boat sails on the northeast network of French waterways, connected to the international network. He goes to meet people in need, people who suddenly find themselves homeless, after a natural or climatic disaster, .... or political refugees fleeing a war, ...
The barge moves empty, without inhabitants, from quay to quay, as needed. The only master on board, the captain. Once arrived at destination, the barge settles down. At deck level, level 0, the two assembled membranes of the cocoon fill with air, the hatches open and the common space is revealed.
The temporary inhabitants of the air shelter ship take refuge in the shelter boat, a few days, a week or two at most, the time to find housing, a decent situation.