NEB - Landscape design Pinus park

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Landscape Design
  • University
    Faculty of Design
  • Lead Designer
    Laura Ceh, Katarina Hudelja
  • Architect
    mentors: Nada Rožmanec Maticic, Dragan Calovic, Robert Klun
  • Photo Credit
    Laura Ceh, Katarina Hudelja, Video credit Gizem Ardag
  • Location
  • Project Link

When designing our luxury glamping park we decided to follow the philosophy of five senses by Aristotle. In Pinus Park you can experience all five senses- eyesight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. People can enjoy the beautiful sea/nature view when sitting on the smart benches facing the sea and enjoy the music played by the sea waves when crashing into sea organs- located under lowered lounges. Walking through the park you can enjoy the tree line of pinuses, rosemary and lavender that are known for their healing effects and wonderful smells. They also serve as privacy barrier for lowered lounges. At the entrance of the park you can also find fire pits/tables in lowered lounges, so people can enjoy and have a good time in the evenings. We also designed hills- each of different heights where you can sit or lay on them and enjoy the texture of grass that scientifically proven helps reduce stress.