Studenec Summer Theatre Renovation 2

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Renovation
  • University
    Faculty of Design
  • Lead Designer
    Ana Mlinar
  • Other Designer(s)
    Menthor and Lecturer: Benjamin Hafner, u.d.i.a., PA ZAPS 2107
  • Location
    Europe, Slovenia, Municipality of Domžale
  • Project Date
    In Progress

Summer theatre Studenec is located in a small village Studenec near settlement Krtina. It’s surrounded by meadows and various trees and right that gives the location its magic. It’s the biggest open-air theatre in Slovenia where, as part of the Cultural Summer Festival musical and theatrical events take place. Due to its location, the theater has similar acoustic parameters as the amphitheater. When designing screens for the theater, I had in mind that I wanted to keep in touch with nature. I wanted the person to have the feeling that he is in nature and not indoors also during the event, but at the same time to enable high-level performances. I achieved this with the semi-transparency of the screens. Because some screens are rotating, we achieve an even bigger efect of nature in the theater. Screens are surrounding the entire theater. This gives us extra space in the backstage, which is intended for containers. They have toilets, dressing rooms and a make-up stations for performers. Because containers are not fixed, we can change their purpose or move them quickly.