NoHo Restaurant and Bar

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design North America
  • University
    New York School of Interior Design
  • Lead Designer
    Sarah Choudhary
  • Interior Designer
    Sarah Choudhary
  • Location
    NoHo, New York

The building site is located at the intersection of Lafayette Street and 4th street in Noho, and it was constructed in 1915. The original building was an industrial loft for excessive warehouse space, and my design aims to preserve the architectural details of the ‘warehouse district’ while introducing modern materials to create a restaurant and bar.

The concept of the restaurant was to create a space which reflects the development of NoHo from being the warehouse district to an emerging fashion hub. As such, there is a strong emphasis on using elegant materials such as marble, wood and metal and combining them with various textiles and fabrics. This introduction of couture elements is juxtaposed with the architectural quality of the loft by retaining the industrial look through exposed ceilings and raw concrete. NoHo Restaurant and Bar aims to preserve and showcase the history of NoHo while creating a space for the new generation of tomorrow.

Other prizes
International design awards 2022- gold (interior design- institutional), gold (interior design- other), silver (interior design- commercial), silver (interior design- institutional), bronze (interior design - commercial) Metropolis Future100 2022