Melange- A Wellness Hotel

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design North America
  • University
    New York School of Interior Design
  • Lead Designer
    Mihika Chatterjee
  • Interior Designer
    Mihika Chatterjee
  • Location
    351 Mc Gill Street, Montreal, Canada
  • Project Date

Melange in French means- A blend. The design is a seamless blend of nature, wellness, and luxury. Taking inspiration from the beloved green jewel of the city- The Mount Royal Park, the idea is to allow the hotel to be a part of it. Extending the role of nature beyond parks and sanctuaries and integrating it with wellness and luxury. The interiors are a blend of the built environment and nature. This includes having nature-inspired elements like birds, plants, water, and topography integrated with the fixtures, natural materials for the interior finishes, and vegetation. The first floor integrates wellness into the program with the Aroma workshop and the tea café. The second floor integrates nature into the space in form of a winter garden with a private dining space as part of the restaurant, which also has a ceiling mimicking natural contours with vegetation. The tenth floor incorporates the idea of water as an element of wellness and calmness in the space, including an indoor pool, sauna, yoga room, and spa. Each hotel room has its own spa, steam, and sauna. Muted colors are used along with the use of natural wood to give the interior space a sense of refined aesthetic & luxury.