249 Design Hotel

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Central and South America
  • Company/Firm
    Torres Arquitetos
  • Lead Designer
    Alberto Torres
  • Other Designer(s)
    Carolina Torres, Christian Rupp, Felipe Matte, Graciela Sanhudo, Pedro Plentz & Audrey Bello
  • Architect
    Alberto Torres
  • Interior Designer
    Marcio Verza
  • Hospitality
    249 Design Hotel
  • Construction Company
    BRS Sul
  • Photo Credit
    Michel Luís
  • Location
    Gramado - Rio Grande do Sul
  • Project Date

The 249 Design Hotel consists in a retrofit project in the city of Gramado that altered and expanded the old existing inn, adding a new reception volume and a new section of suites with balconies. The city of Gramado is considered one of the main mountainous destinations in the extreme south of Brazil. Therefore, the project sought to unite the contemporary and the existing through materiality and respect for local characteristics. The existing hotel had a total area of 318m² and 10 suites, with the expansion the total area became 1,106m² and 31 suites. The intervention from the beginning intended to bring contemporary language in a respectful and harmonious way to the city, which has the German colonial architectural style as its identity. This was done through the use of universal and pure materials such as stone, steel, glass and wood, thus managing to unite traditional with contemporany architecture.