• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Hotel – Boutique
  • University
    American University In Dubai
  • Lead Designer
    Joud Kayali, Haneen Kilany
  • Other Designer(s)
    Annamaria Lambri (Professor)
  • Project Link

The shape of Tanaghom was inspired by a bent leaf and it is designed so that it mild the interior with the exterior of nature. Tanagham is designed to make the guests connect with nature and be isolated from other people, it is a great place for people to disconnect from their surroundings, especially after COVID-19. Another thing that Tanagham is aiming for is to take care of the guests' well-being and try to improve it through their stay there.

Tanagham is also a very sustainable place that has sustainable materials like mangrove wood, concrete, and more to help create a sustainable environment. The name Tanaghom means harmony in Arabic and it represents the harmony and blending of the interior with the exterior.