• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Casual
  • Company/Firm
    anonimous + Claudia Ornelas
  • Lead Designer
    Alfonso Jimenez + Claudia Ornelas
  • Other Designer(s)
    Heliana Echavarria,Isabel Romero,Carlos Alfonso Cervantes,Michelle Nava,Sofía Orea,Jennifer Gonzalez
  • Architect
    Alfonso Jimenez and Barbara Trujillo
  • Interior Designer
    Claudia Ornelas
  • Construction Company
    Mauricio de la Torre
  • Photo Credit
    Rafael Gamo
  • Location
    Plaza Antea, Querétaro
  • Project Date

Located on the second level of Antea, the most important shopping plaza in the city of Querétaro, where a series of restaurants are arranged with terraces that allow users to meet both day and night, the Japanese restaurant NAMA occupies an atypical commercial space right on the border between the shopping plaza and this restaurant area.

Its large front lacks a terrace, so it was necessary to make the 220 m2 of interior construction give the impression that it was itself a terrace open to the paths of the square.

The double-height premises receives from the previous business the location of the kitchen, the staircase and the bathrooms in a mezzanine.

This condition leaves the greatest depth of the space in the farthest part of the premises. This is why the access is located next to the other restaurants and through a compressed space that reminds us of the narrow accesses of the traditional buildings in the center of Kyoto, you enter to discover.

The space tries to generate an experience of contrasts between textures, shapes and colors, but in a subtle way, as if we were eating a nigiri, enjoying the contrasts between the shapes, colors and textures of rice and fish