The Alchemist, Berlin

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Casual
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Hospitality
    The Alchemist Bar & Restaurant Group
  • Construction Company
    Seibel und Weyer & Interiors UK
  • Photo Credit
    White Kitchen Berlin
  • Location
    Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany
  • Project Date
    24th April 2023

Fostering a sense of exploration, experimentation, and dynamism, The Alchemist draws guests into a realm beyond with a darkly theatrical and tactile interior unveiling a new age of cosmic alchemy for the brand’s first international launch in Berlin, Germany.

The concept was crafted to convey the dynamic shifts of the city whilst showcasing the brand’s new cosmic era with a clean-lined and highly polished aesthetic. Blacksheep have intricately woven this design story throughout the space – highlighting the different realms and design features that create intrigue and invite exploration into the bar and dining experience.

On arrival an illuminative portal emitting light and energy transports guests into the venue. A focal point of the main bar area is the bespoke antique brass bar seductively framed by striking accent lighting rods and metallic chain curtains that also curve around the rest of the space. Distinctive pops of deep red are injected into the sumptuous leather seating booths creating pockets of intimacy amongst the vibrant social setting. With softer textures and tones of pale greys and blues adding contrast to the rich palette.

Blacksheep is a global studio collective of strategists and designers, thinkers and doers, fully immersed in the world of hospitality branding and fluent in experience design. With over two decades of design experience, Blacksheep has helped many leading hospitality brands to challenge, define and create ground-breaking concepts with their dynamic talents across branding, interior design and architecture.