Promenade Bondi

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Casual
  • Company/Firm
    The Stella Collective
  • Lead Designer
    Hana Hakim
  • Other Designer(s)
    Natalie Garcia, Kiriah Shead
  • Interior Designer
    The Stella Collective
  • Hospitality
    House Made Hospitality
  • Construction Company
    CWF Construction
  • Photo Credit
    Lillie Thompson
  • Location
    Bondi Beach Sydney
  • Project Date
    April 2023

Recapturing the vibrant spirit that once made Bondi Pavilion a cherished community in the 1970s, Promenade Bondi is an all-day dining haven by the Pacific. Inspired by the pavilion’s rich textures, and the raw beauty of the coastal landscape, we crafted a casual, elegant dining space to welcome everyone, just dust off the sand and step inside. Adorned in Heated limestone for underfoot comfort, travertine, chocolate walnut, Colbert blue zellige, heavily textured walls, and hammered reclaimed timber, Our paramount objective was to ensure that promenade Bondi resonated deeply with locals. We knew we had to design a venue that not only invokes a sense of local pride and feels super casual, but also pays homage to the breathtaking location in a soulful sophisticated way...
Guests can now savour the rhythm and rituals of Bondi Beach through the open doors that look over the ocean and immerse themselves in the essence of Australian beach culture. As you step into the main dining room, the graceful curves of the coastline come to life, beautifully captured in the serpentine arrangement of banquette seating whilst overhead, a series of barrel waves gently lull you into a state of surrender.