Il Riccio Restaurant Kyiv

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Fine Dining
  • Company/Firm
    Seven Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Yurii Yumashev
  • Other Designer(s)
    Yurii Cherebedov
  • Interior Designer
    Yurii Yumashev
  • Project Date

The IL Riccio restaurant is located in a historical building on the site of a leather goods workshop, which remains part of the design, reminiscent of its history
Leather details such as chandeliers, armchairs and decorative elements add elegance and luxury to the interior. They reflect the past of the workshop and create a unique style for the restaurant.
The presence of a show kitchen gives the interior liveliness and interactivity.
The uneven texture of terracotta plaster adds coziness and warmth to the restaurant space, creating an atmosphere of home comfort.