• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Bar & Pub
  • Company/Firm
    Hangzhou Yizhan Interior Design Co., Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Yizhan Xiao

As the upgrade space of CC CLUB brand, the designer hopes to create a new social scene through lighting and color, and create a new coordinate of nightlife full of surprises in ordinary daily life. The first exhibition design starts from the essence of social interaction, extracts the iconic "CC" element, and presents a comprehensive social space with multiple attributes by using changing lights and art installations in the logic of shaping brand memory.
The project is located in the fashionable creative block where people gather. In the glass window along the street, the original facade structure is retained. In the transparent optical illusion system, it is like a delicate emotional storage box, conveying the iconic brand symbol to every passing pedestrian. When night falls, the colorful lights outline the multiple quadrants of the senses. In the known and unknown, the attitude of young people belongs to the age of Z era is revealed.