Fin's Bar, The Lodge Jamberoo

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Cocktail Bar
  • Company/Firm
    Studio BARBARA
  • Lead Designer
    Benjamin Selke
  • Other Designer(s)
    Felicity King
  • Architect
    Studio BARBARA
  • Interior Designer
    Studio BARBARA
  • Photo Credit
    Nikki To
  • Location
    Jamberoo, NSW, Australia
  • Project Date

Through an arched corner of the dining room, you will find a cosy spot to spend the night, the moody cousin to Lulu's restaurant at the Lodge, a mesmerizing haven of mystery and eclectic charm. Here the dark blue velvety tone of the walls creates an atmosphere of depth and allure, reminiscent of the night sky itself, tempting you to get lost in the evening.

In this inky, murky setting, unexpected bursts of pink emerge, teasing the eye and adding a touch of the whimsical, flamboyant. The space invites you to settle in and relax, embarking on a nocturnal journey, lounging around the fireplace, sipping on cocktails, perched at the bar, and relishing the company of friends and family.
A subtle French influence weaves its way through the design of the bar, evoking an aura of timeless refinement and classical harmony, like you’ve stumbled into a hidden room layered with trinkets of those who have passed through, both then and now. Every corner is infused with an enchanting blend of old-world elegance, surprisingly punctuated with pops of contemporary flair.