Munich Marriott Hotel

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Europe
  • Company/Firm
    Living Design of Sweden
  • Lead Designer
    Tarek Hegazy
  • Interior Designer
    Tarek Hegazy
  • Hospitality
  • Photo Credit
  • Location
    Munich, Germany
  • Project Date
    August 2023
  • Developer

The Greatroom, a dynamic fusion of reception, lobby lounge, business hub and wine cellar is the heart and soul of the Munich Marriott Hotel. It welcomes guests with an undeniable aura of boldness, sophistication, and comfort from the moment they step through the doors. In August 2023, the space underwent a remarkable transformation that not only met the expectations of a prestigious brand but also seamlessly integrated with the local heritage of Munich, forging a sense of belonging within the city.

Drawing inspiration from the natural and urban surroundings of the hotel, such as the Munich English Garden, the vibrant Schwabing district, and Jugendstil architecture, the colors chosen are calm, harmonious and subtle. Picture a canvas of light grey, beige, and soft blue as the backdrop, adorned with royal blue, tan, and green accents. The materials used include brass, faux leather, engineered stone and wood, all meticulously chosen to meet sustainability criteria.

A focal point had to be crafted, a cozy hideaway concealed above the bar, while preserving the integrity of the staircase. The staircase was reborn as an intimate, enclosed space that also served as unique bar shelving.