KaoKao Seafood BBQ

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Asia
  • Company/Firm
    guò bàn er
  • Lead Designer
    Christian Taeubert
  • Other Designer(s)
    Sun Min
  • Project Date

Located in the Chaoyang district, the 250 sqm restaurant is part of an industrial zone undergoing a revitalization transformation into an F&B complex. The architects turned a 42-meter long and 5.6-meter-wide vacant industrial building into a BBQ Seafood restaurant. The narrow building posed a challenge in seating 100 guests. At the same time, we saw it as an opportunity to create a simple, elongated space.
A circular display of fresh seafood and a large open grill fire bowls on the terrace form the heart of the restaurant. "We wanted the element of fire to be a symbol for gathering with friends and family at KaoKao Seafood BBQ Restaurant." Customers can pick fresh seafood from the cone-shaped bed of ice or live seafood from the half-circle tanks.
Six-meter-long façade openings in four locations along the building façade create visual permeability between the terraces and the restaurant's interior. In the summertime, the folding glass façade retracts completely to blur the boundaries between the terrace and the restaurant's interior space.
"We wanted to create a modernized version of a simple BBQ joint that showcases fresh products at the heart of the restaurant."