Yakitori One

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Asia
  • Company/Firm
    Inspire Interior Design Co. , Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Hung Chou Chen
  • Other Designer(s)
    Yuan Chiang Lu
  • Photo Credit
    Chao Yang Chen
  • Location
    Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Project Date
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The design of the entrance features smooth curves and timber baffles, creating a lifted kimono dress and intriguing visitors. It incorporates traditional Japanese architecture and art, creating a Zen style with wood textures enhancing the facade. The design inspiration comes from nature, with "Wood" and "Water" as the key elements. The ground floor space is filled with warm solid wood material, providing relaxation and relief.
The open layout of yakitori bar stations allows guests to enjoy the sigh of chef's work.
The basement floor features a ceiling design that minimizes oppression and a wall with lighting texture, creating a tranquil and poetic atmosphere. The interior walls use Taiwan stucco and non-toxic wood materials, ensuring safety and quality. The restaurant also prioritizes air quality with efficient kitchen exhaust equipment and uses modular design for wooden construction. The design combines tradition, innovative art, environmental sustainability, and user experience, offering a peaceful and elegant dining space with a unique immersive experience.