Botanique Restaurant and Bar

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Casual
  • University
    New York School of Interior Design
  • Lead Designer
    Nivedhitha Ravi
  • Interior Designer
    Nivedhitha Ravi
  • Photo Credit
  • Location
    New York City
  • Project Date

This project is located in NoHo, New York, in a repurposed industrial loft. Botanique Restaurant and Bar brings nature into the interiors as a much needed respite from the densely built city, blending it with materials suggestive of the building's past use. The interiors are an amalgamation of biophilia and minimalism. Using 3 simple materials- polished concrete, wood, and aluminium - nature-inspired contours and shapes created on the walls, ceiling, and bar counter become a blend of minimal materials and formal expressions of nature. Recessed downlights and simple pendants are mixed with curving light strips as part of the idea of biophilic minimalism, creating a dramatic lighting effect in the interiors with simple fixtures.

With an MFA degree in Interior Design, a Master of Architecture degree, and experience in healthcare architecture, the driving force behind my designs is the experience of the user within the space. While I enjoy exploring different aesthetic styles for each project, my approach is rooted in research on the program, user, site, history and cultural qualities of the intended project. Design shapes commmunities, and I believe tasteful design choices should be for people of all backgrounds and socio economic statuses. Design equity is what I aim to achieve as a professional Interior Designer.

Other prizes
- New York School of Interior Design Chairman's Award for Academic Excellence 2023 - Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition 2023 Student Winner - IDA 2023 Gold - IDA 2023 Bronze (Cultural Interior Design- Exhibition Center, Cultural Interior Design- Museum) - IDA 2023 Honorable Mention - IDA 2022 Silver (Interior Design - Museum, Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions) - LIV Hospitality Design Awards 2022 Honorable Mention - New York School of Interior Design Institutional Scholarship