• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Theme
  • University
    Norwich University of The Arts
  • Lead Designer
    Jasmine Kirui
  • Interior Designer
    Jasmine Kirui
  • Location
    St Andrews St, Norwich NR2 4AE, United Kingdom
  • Project Date
    February 2024

Project Brief: This project is an interior intervention and façade alteration proposal in which people encounter food in an aesthetic relationship. Because the taste of food involves enjoyment and judging, it involves our senses.

Design Concept: The idea for a restaurant called ‘Nyumbani’ is based on the popular East African dish, pilau. Pilau’s key ingredient is onions, and I used that as inspiration to create a restaurant with layers, like an onion. The communal seating areas encourage guests to share food and feel at home. The experience is authentically East African, with traditional food meant to be eaten with your hands. Come and enjoy East Africa with a twist at ‘Nyumbani’!