Serenova Montreal

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Private Club
  • University
    New York School of Interior Design
  • Lead Designer
    Sonal Aggarwal
  • Interior Designer
    sonal aggarwal
  • Location
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The design encapsulates his avant-garde fashion ethos, featuring deconstructivism, asymmetry, and a gender-neutral allure. Tailoring for art-conscious individuals as the target audience, the store reflects Yohji's intellectual, dark, and rebel style through monochromatic palettes and film noir aesthetics. Seamlessly integrating Japanese tradition, Western elements, and architectural inspirations from Lebbeus Woods and the California Light and Space movement, particularly Robert Irwin's spatial concepts, the retail space embodies Yohji's confidence, strength and artistic rebellion.

Graduate Interior Design student based in New York City. With a background in Urban design and planning, I approach every project with a priority for functionality and user experience. I investigate user behaviour in spaces for each brief and how these characters would interact with their environment and draw my own unique analysis to design interior spaces. I am always challenging myself to think beyond and use my imagination to create original ideas that are aesthetically pleasing and leave a positive impact on the people, environment and the society.

Other prizes
President at International Interior Design Association NYSID Student Chapter New York School of interior Design Institutional Scholarship Grant 23' and 24' Dean's list 2022 IDA 9 times award winner including Gold Interior Designer of the year 23' Muse design awards 5 times winner.