Utopia of the Sea

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Resort – Midscale & Lifestyle
  • Company/Firm
    j+C interior design
  • Lead Designer
    Tzu Chen Tuan
  • Interior Designer
    Tzu Chen Tuan
  • Photo Credit
    Mr. Xiang
  • Location
  • Project Date

This project is in a new high-rise with large windows and a 90° balcony, offering a 270° panoramic view of the sea. The actual indoor space is approx. 100m2.

Intended as a unique B&B, a three-bedroom configuration and walls were adjusted for a villa resort-style ambience, which cleverly removed visual obstructions and optimized spatial utilization and depth by drawing in the breathtaking view. One bedroom partition wall was removed and a raised area was designed in a horizontal axis, serving as a multi-functional space with a washbasin and sand rinsing area.

Stairs connect different rooms and the foyer, converging movement flow while delineating the public and private areas and integrating with the balcony jacuzzi, forming the centerpiece highlight. The furnishings in the common area include a low sofa and a beige scheme, waterproof and durable faux-cement coating, Greek arched windows, rattan lighting, and wooden furniture. The balcony offers generous depth and amenities like a swing bed and a bar stool for ultimate vacation vibes.