Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Resort – Luxury
  • Company/Firm
    Uribe Krayer + Estudio Esterlina
  • Lead Designer
    Ofelia Uribe, Erica Krayer, Esterlina Campuzano
  • Other Designer(s)
    Legorocha | Victor Legorreta and Mauricio Rocha
  • Architect
    Legorocha | Victor Legorreta and Mauricio Rocha
  • Interior Designer
    Uribe Krayer + Estudio Esterlina
  • Hospitality
    Four Seasons
  • Construction Company
  • Photo Credit
    Michael Calderwood
  • Location
    Jalisco, Mexico
  • Project Date
    November 2022
  • Developer
    Paralelo 19
  • Project Link

Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo is a showcase of a resort that blends seamlessly into the peninsula’s unique topography, supports “rewilding” practices and creates a perfect balance between the comforts of the indoors and outdoors.

The thoughtful and turnkey interior design blends with the architecture and the natural surroundings to showcase local materials and textiles. The team set out to create an interior look and feel that is authentically Mexican – elements of pre-Hispanic culture, colonial heritage, and contemporary Mexican architecture can be seen throughout.

The Resort displays local artisan pieces from all areas of Mexico, from Chiapas to Baja Califronia and Yucatan to Sonora. Specifically, the team is working with non-profit brands and projects such as Taller Maya and Ensamble Artesano, which protect pre–Hispanic culture. The vision for the interior design was to build a resort for this time in history and make it a testimonial of Mexico’s rich heritage.

The rooms interiors were thought as a canvass to generate a thorough representation of the cultural richness of the different states of Mexico, but adding a contemporary design that blends with its architecture.