Huabanli Homestay

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hostel
  • Company/Firm
    Wanchen Design
  • Lead Designer
    Fei Yu
  • Other Designer(s)
    Assistant Designer: Xue Li, Soft Dress: Fei Yu, Hongmei Tang
  • Photo Credit
  • Location
    Pujiang County (Sichuan) , Chengdu, Sichuan Province
  • Project Date

There are only nine rooms in the project, and the building is a non-conventional tai chi-style building. No room has the same building plan, from the narrowest two-meter interface to the widest six-meter interface, which is a large arc of irregular space, this rare building mass is also the difficulty of this design. We are looking for a way to build on the mountain, to live on the spot, to follow the trend, to be born naturally, just like Tai Chi, “To stop with stillness, to stop with softness. “Everything in the space is designed using the non-heritage of farming culture as the design carrier, using cattail grass as the design inspiration, and creating it on site with local artists. It is not only a hotel, but also a cultural heritage.

Senior interior designer, member of China Building Decoration Association, recommended by China Decoration Association, Director of Chengdu Boutique Hotel and home-stay Association, GOOD AT using unique oriental perspective, the design language will be integrated into the Chinese traditional culture, the traditional and modern integration, showing the connotation and details of the aesthetics of life.

Other prizes
The second prize of the 4th interior design competition of Sichuan province"Rodin Cup" Interior Design Competition Best Creative Award, the Third Prize of the hotel category of China Interior Space Environment Art Competition, the Outstanding Award of Club category, the 5th China International Design Expo “Top 10 emerging Chinese designers” the China Decoration Association, Ministry of Construction, China trade promotion association, rated “Top 10 Outstanding Chinese designers in 2009” the China Decoration Association, Ministry of construction, rated “Top 10 most innovative Chinese designers” the asia-pacific design hotel category “Silver Award” the US Muse Design 2023 Platinum Award