• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Cruise ship & Yacht
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Diego Burdi
  • Other Designer(s)
  • Architect
    Navel architecture: Damen Yachting and Exterior Design: Espen Oeino
  • Interior Designer
  • Construction Company
    Yacht Builder: Damen Yachting / Interior Fit out Contractor: MVS & Associates S.A.
  • Photo Credit
    Guillaume Plisson
  • Location
    International Waters
  • Project Date
    February 2023

This 63m yacht offers a sanctuary that whispers tranquility. Neither the anticipated dazzling lights nor the myriad of intricate finishes extend one’s greetings. As time unfolds, one discovers the balance between design and comfort.

Its uniqueness comes from a higher level of consideration in reducing noise and concentration on the design details and materiality. The concept was developed around a customized envelope with a global vision, tranquility, elegance, and relaxation while taking the owner’s art collection into account. Ergonomics and seaworthiness were also prioritized.

The designers wanted the exterior surroundings to start the visual dialogue. To not compete with the reflectivity of the water, a dry and matte finish color palette, soft textures, and natural materiality was selected. One common denominator is European white oak for the walls and flooring and grey- taupe leather for the wall paneling of the passageways and guest bedrooms. Simplicity reigns as all functional components remain concealed.

The initial understated impression gradually comes to life as one traverses the spaces, imparting a fresh realm of luxury, where the act of repose takes precedence.