Changsha Zhonghai · LA CITE

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Residence
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Sting Zheung, Sherres Ho
  • Photo Credit
    WeiJie Yang
  • Location
    Changsha, China

The project is located in Changsha, which is rated as the happiest city in China for 14 years running. From the viewpoints of consumers, the designers consider realistic and vivid daily scenes and focus on the inner needs of each family member. Thus, various features have been developed, like parent-child interaction, family education, life hobbies, and extreme storage, to improve the quality of life for residents and realize the project's intended benefit.

The interior conveys a light retro Southeast Asian style. The spatial layer is enriched by the contrast in item scale and the mix of natural materials, while the visual beauty is enhanced by geometric artistic expression. Combined, they give off a cosy vibe.

The dining area with a clear pattern that can be opened and closed help residents’ life more organized. The study is like a natural lab, filled with specimens of plants and minerals on the walls, table piled with books and research notes.

Besides, the bedroom radiates simplicity and freedom. The kid's room bears the museum theme with a fresh color scheme of nature, with each item crafted to be valued. On the balcony, the family can enjoy a pleasant evening together.