Wave House

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Private House
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Minwoo Ahn
  • Architect
    Jaeha Lee
  • Construction Company
  • Photo Credit
    Sanghyup Lim
  • Location
    36 Dumil-ro 123beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Project Date
  • Developer
    Private Client
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‘Wave House’ is a single-detached dwelling embracing the natural landscape drawn from the surrounding environment. The project focused on the elements that comprise the everyday experience of the users. In particular, the living area and bar were designed as fused spaces to facilitate a solitary and communal space for entertainment, and the bathroom in a guest room on the basement floor is enhanced by the presence of skylights placed along the sun’s trajectory to capture its natural light. The curved facade of the architecture was incorporated into the interior to manifest its design motif of the ceiling unfolding toward the inside and creating a distinct sculptural feature of an ethereal wavy ceiling. The main objective of the project is to offer the living experience inherent to a single-detached dwelling. The house presents general yet unique, and visceral interaction with nature. The uninterrupted mutual fusion of the landscape inside the house is especially emphasized, and the outdoor layout involves unacquainted elements amidst urban complex housings such as the front yard and pond. The project concept focuses on the space in the landscape.

Minwoo Ahn is a space designer and the founder of Ahn&Partners. He is dedicated to creating space designs that prioritize the user experience and is particularly interested in the architectural structure of buildings. As the head of Ahn&Partners, he places a strong emphasis on three core values: first, analysis-based strategic planning; second, consistent project development; and third, flexible and customized design that meets the needs of each client.
Ahn&Partners has worked on a wide range of projects, from residential spaces to large commercial facilities, and deliver innovative and effect

Other prizes
2023 Winner Prize, iF Design Awards/iFD,Germany 2023 Winner Prize, Asia Design Prize/ADP,Korea 2022 Bronze Prize, International Design Awards/IDA,USA 2022 Selected, Iconic Design Awards/Germany 2017 President Prize, Korea Remodeling Awards/KRA,Korea 2002 Grand Prize, Interior Architecture, KOSID/Seoul, Korea