• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Co-Living Space
  • University
    Universidad De Monterrey
  • Lead Designer
    Magaly Escobedo Lomelí and Melissa López Lizárraga
  • Photo Credit
    Magaly Escobedo Lomelí and Melissa López Lizárraga
  • Other Credit
    Mónica Nadal Cerdeño
  • Location
    Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México
  • Project Date
  • Project Link

The project is located in Ciudad Juárez, a city known for its migration crisis.  The large number of migrants has been increasing, and the capacity of shelters is insufficient. This affects the quality of life of locals and foreigners.

Therefore, the proyect seeks to serve as a bridge between people creating a safe space. The propose offers a multimodal space in which zoning adapts to the day to day, the spatial configuration can be modified. Determination of uses will be directed by a chromatic sequence.

Cuapanco comes from the word bridge in the Nahuatl indigenous language. Cuapanco represents the connection to a reality after days of battle in the road and in the dessert, it allows you to continue on your way to the United States, in which the life in color offer a respite from the monotony of the road.

Its architectural program includes comfortable dorms, a kitchen and dining area, health facilities so that migrants can carry out
their personal hygiene in a dignified manner, ecumenical Space, designed as space of reflection a pray, rest areas, urban garden, a roof that collects rainwater and free space to become an ephemeral bedroom space in times of high demand.

Interior design program director