Forest Retreat

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Tiny House
  • University
    California College of The Arts
  • Lead Designer
    Electra White

This design is a compact vacation home, blending modern comfort with nature. The 300 sqft ground floor home, under 20 ft tall, offers a getaway experience. The mid-century style integrates with the landscape. A semi-subterranean structure harmonizes with nature, promoting healing and reducing ecological impact. A two-story layout optimizes space while creating distinct zones. Upstairs, natural light bathes the living areas. Downstairs is a cozy, private retreat. A frosted glass skylight in the bathroom ceiling enhances the underground space. Clever features maximize utility, like a dual-purpose kitchen cabinet, stair storage, and an open closet. The primary suite boasts a lavish en-suite and ample closet space. Natural materials in a woodsy palette connect with the surroundings. Polished finishes add sophistication. Asymmetrical architecture invites exploration. Accordion doors blend indoor-outdoor living. The kitchen offers storage without obstructing views. The bathroom is illuminated by a skylight- light flows into the bedroom. Opening to a south-facing yard, the house merges with nature, providing an enriching coexistence.

Other prizes
Metropolis Future100 2024 IIDA Honor Awards 2024 - 2nd Place IIDA Honor Awards 2023 - 2nd place