Rafael Party Bar

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Brand New
  • Company/Firm
    5F Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Andriy Ignatuk
  • Other Designer(s)
    Andriy Ignatuk, Mariia Moskal, Sofia Shchur, Anna Siver, Alina Maftulyak
  • Architect
    Andriy Ignatuk, Ivanna Saviak
  • Interior Designer
    Andriy Ignatuk, Mariia Moskal, Sofia Shchur, Anna Siver, Alina Maftulyak
  • Location
    1a Ivan Honty St., Zubra village, Lviv region, Ukraine
  • Project Date
    May 2023
  • Developer
    Andriy Ignatuk
  • Project Link

Rafael Party Bar is a multifunctional separate hall of the Rafael hotel and Restaurant complex. The design combines modern classics with extravagant design elements and solutions.

The Party Bar has:
- a separate round table for performances - the central point of attention of the entire hall
- exquisite photo zones are decorated
- stylized Smoking Room (unusual wall and ceiling decoration - wall panels made of several layers of carved plywood. Exclusive lamps and tables were made according to our drawings. The central table has built-in ashtrays)
- a dressing room with a secret area

The main decoration of the hall is a chandelier placed above a specially shaped-designer table. The chandelier looks like an octopus and covers the main part of the ceiling. This is the first experience of combining glass-blowing compositions with media elements. These are special contour lamps that consist of separate sealed modules connected by a wire, but at the same time they look like a continuous light line that bends in two directions, like a spine.

The accent is the frescoes on the walls of the hall, which are especially interesting for visitors.