Jinguang Lake Forest Life Resort Hotel

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Boutique
  • Company/Firm
    Fancy Design
  • Lead Designer
    Fancy Design
  • Other Designer(s)
    Guoxi Fang, Zhenfeng Zhu, Huihong Li, Qiaoling Cai, Sidi Shen, Xiaoting Shi, Bin Sheng, Shijun Chen
  • Photo Credit
    Weiren Huang
  • Location
    Xiamen Tongan lotus town Neitian village
  • Project Date

Located in Jinguang Lake Scenic Area, Xiamen City, Jinguang Lake Forest Life Resort Hotel gives full play to the advantages of the forest "ecology". Based on the overall planning of Jinguang Lake Scenic Area and following the theme concept of "forest life", it will be built into a high-end forest resort life experience complex integrating "tourism vacation, health care and leisure, and life aesthetics".
As a bridge connecting cultural activities and natural experience, the interior is divided into areas with "sightseeing and leisure, cultural recreation, business vacation, health preservation and healing" as the core functions, and then natural elements such as "wood, stone, cloud and light" are extracted to match the design strategy of each scene, giving vitality to the area in the smooth connection with nature. The forms and charms of forest, cave, sea of clouds and starry sky are extracted, transformed and reproduced in the spatial structure and texture, so that guests can always feel nature inside.

July, 1998 - January, 2000, Served as Designer in Xiamen Advertising Company

January, 2000 - Now, Served as General Manager of the design center of Xiamen Huihuang Decoration Engineering Co., LTD.

January, 2002 - Now, Served as Founder/Creative Director of Xiamen Fancy Decoration Design Co., LTD.

Other prizes
Honors: Model Worker of Xiamen City Top Ten Outstanding Youth in the Chinese Design Industry Member of the Design Committee of China Building Decoration Association Senior Indoor Architect of China Building Decoration Association Director of the Design Committee of Xiamen Building Decoration Association 2014 Top Ten People of Xiamen Cultural Industry 2017 Annual Outstanding Person of China Medical Architectural Design Awards: Gold Award, The International Design Awards (IDA) Platinum Award, MUSE Design Awards Copper Award, Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards (APIDA) Silver Award, IAI Design Award Gold Award, Golden Art Award Competition Silver Award, Asia-Pacific Interior Design Biennial Competition Gold Award, China International Space Design Competition Golden Bund Award, Excellent Architecture & Interior Design Works Exhibition National Excellent Hospital Designer Most Potential Designer, China International Design Fair Senior Designer, China International Design Fair China's Most Potential Youth Designer