Wanda Jin Xiaohe Xincheng

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Luxury
  • Company/Firm
    Wanda Hotel Design Institute
  • Lead Designer
    Jeff Ning
  • Hospitality
    Wanda Hotels & Resorts
  • Construction Company
    Wanda Hotel Design Institute
  • Location
    Building 2, No. 89 Xiaohe Street, Xiaohe Industrial Park, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, ShanXi, C
  • Project Date

Walking into the hotel lobby, the door fan-shaped screen is like a mountain standing above the sky and connecting the river flowing lamp ceiling, quiet and moving, magnificent and ancient. The screen designed in the shape of the door leaf is also ingenious, which means that guests from all directions do not stop guests, and enhance the brand favorability of the hotel with the regional cultural characteristics of Shanxi people's hospitality. The swimming fish Tianhe simulates the meandering river over the entire lobby, scaly and shimmering, and many lights gather together, which is another quiet and majestic chapter.
The new courtyard of the ancient city records the splendor and romance of the ancient city of Shanxi for thousands of years, and the guest rooms serve as the private space of guests, inspired by the deep and rich ancient architectural courtyard form to the humanistic life and daily living objects, which are refined and polished to give people a sense of relaxation.

Wanda hotel design and Research Institute is a world-class hotel design and Research Institute, covering architecture, interior, electromechanical, lighting, art, kitchen washing, logo and other disciplines. It is a professional hotel design institute with the experience of the owner. The designed hotel covers more than 20 brands of the world's five hotel management companies, and has completed the design and control of 200+ high-end hotels.