The Grand Courtyard and Pavilion at the OWO

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Restaurant – Fine Dining
  • Company/Firm
    Daewha Kang Design
  • Lead Designer
    Michal Wojtkiewicz and Monika Bilska
  • Other Designer(s)
    Laura Dinarés Couto, Lawrence Lynch, Argyrios Delithanasis, Patricia de Osma, Styliani Salta, Eduardo Camarena, Leroy J.H. Yuen, Chiara Multari, Weronika Widenska, Josef Stoger, Monika Byra, Finbar Charleson, Paulina Pawlata
  • Architect
    Daewha Kang Design
  • Interior Designer
    Cordelia de Castellane
  • Hospitality
    MOMA Group
  • Construction Company
  • Photo Credit
    Kyungsub Shin
  • Location
    Courtyard at The OWO, 7 Horse Guards Ave, London SW1A 2EX
  • Project Date
    October 2023
  • Developer
    Westminster Development Services

Creating a dynamic oasis in the heart of Whitehall, the Pavilion at the Old War Office breathes new life into the classical architecture. Positioned as the Grand Courtyard's focal point and housing the Parisian Café Lapérouse, it harmoniously connects the residences and hotel through a sculptural mirror-polished metal roof. This sets the stage for al fresco dining and Cordelia de Castellane’s enhanced interiors.
The pavilion draws inspiration from Georgia O'Keefe’s art, with softly ribbed white columns forming an undulating ceiling and an organic skylight bathing the dining room in natural light. This petal-like form is accentuated by rippling roof panels and intricate glass facades blending the interior and exterior, sculpting an architectural structure that pays homage to its historical context while welcoming all visitors. As one exits the pavilion, a five-meter sculptural fountain sits amongst historic cobblestones repurposed from the site and re-laid in a contemporary pattern. This sustainable narrative carries through in the technical design of the pavilion, constructed as a lightweight, prefabricated structure that can be disassembled, maintained and relocated in the future.

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Other prizes
Awards and Certifications: Korean Ministry of Land Award for best adaptive reuse (Communique HQ) American Architecture Prize (Rainbow Publishing House, Library, and Gallery) Build Architecture Awards (Barking Civic Centre) Other commendations and finalists: Wood Awards AJ Small Projects Award ABB Leaf Awards National Churches Trust President’s Award Art and Christianity Awards Restaurant and Bar Design Awards A’ Awards