BRAC polish wines

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Bar & Pub
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Pawel Garus
  • Other Designer(s)
    Jerzy Wozniak, Kinga Kin
  • Interior Designer
  • Photo Credit
    Patryk Lewinski
  • Location
    Warsaw, Poland
  • Project Date
    March 2023

In front of you is the new Warsaw kingdom of Polish winemakers and the effects of their wonderful work, encapsulated in bottles. In Port Praski you will find a wine bar, designed by a team of talented designers.

BRAC Polish wines was born out of the beautiful passion of the owners of the winery, lovers of wine, Polish tradition and regional culture, who developed professional cooperation with the best Polish artists. This is the story (as they describe themselves) of 3 brothers who have given the people of Warsaw a place full of good Polish wine, design and graphics.

The wine bar's space has been furnished to remind us of Polish tradition, culture and the beauty of nature. The interior is filled exclusively with Polish furniture stylised in form to the best of Polish retro design, with the focal point being the iconic wall unit that could be found in almost every Polish home.

Alongside iconic retro solutions from the 1960s and 1970s, there were also contemporary Polish prints - the result of the creative brothers creating the wine bar. In addition, the interior is full of expressive and vivid colours, among which the predominant colour is yellow.

The mode:lina studio is made up of a team of talented young Polish designers who share the same approach to architecture as a tool for the constant exploration of new forms and functions, design thinking fuelled by going beyond the beaten track, inspired by contradictions and contrasts, and finally designing spaces of experience that simply make people’s lives better.

It is part of the team’s working logic to be proactive in driving projects, to be independent in finding solutions and to have genuine fun in their work.

Other prizes
SUCCESSES IN COMPETITIONS / 2019 / 1st place in Best Office Awards 2019 in Best Foreign Project category for Brain Embassy project 2019 / Property Design Award 2019 for the Best Commercial and Service Interior in Poland for the interior of the INEA store in Poznan 2018 / International Design Media Awards 2018 for the project of Brain Embassy co-creating 2018 / Winner in The Architecture MasterPrize™ 2018 for Opera Software Wroclaw project 2018 / OFFICE SUPERSTAR 2018 in the Best Office in Wroc?aw category for the Droids On Roids project 2018 / PLGBC Green Building Awards 2018 in the Best Sustainable Interior category for the Brain Embassy project 2018 / The Main Prize in EuroShop RetailDesign Award 2018 for VÈLO7 Cycle Shop 2018 / Special Mention in AiT Award 2018 for for the design of the bicycle shop VÈLO7 2017 / Honorary readers mention in DesignAlive Awards 2017 in Strategist category 2017 / Winner in ICONIC Awards 2017 for Opera Software Wroclaw project 2017 / 1st place in Best Office Awards 2017 in Best Foreign Project category for Opera Software Wroc?aw project 2016 / The Main Prize in Finest Interior Award 2016:contract for the Best Office Interior for Opera Software Wroc?aw project 2016 / Finalists in LAMBORGHINI MONUMENT ROAD design competition 2016 / 1st place in Acanthus Aureus Award 2016 handed by the International Fair for Frunctoplant pavilion 2016 / Nomination in the EuroShop RetailDesign Award 2016 for the design of the LIDL Restaurant 2015 / Honorary readers mention in DesignAlive Awards 2015 in Creator category 2015 / The Main Prize in EuroShop RetailDesign Award 2015 for Jab?ka Adama 2015 / "Favorite of Poland" title for Run Colors in ?ycie w Architekturze 2015 competition 2015 / Finalist of ?ycie w Architekturze 2015 competition - Run Colors in "The Best Public Interior" category