• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Cocktail Bar
  • Company/Firm
    Run For The Hills
  • Lead Designer
    Anna Burles & Chris Trotman
  • Other Designer(s)
    Philippe Bougue, Michael Smith, Sofiya Lyakhova, Gosia Bugaj, Daisy Watson, Lela Partskhaladze
  • Interior Designer
    Run For The Hills
  • Hospitality
    Client Ben Thompson
  • Construction Company
    Rough Living
  • Photo Credit
    Philip Durrant
  • Location
    Worthing, United Kingdom
  • Project Date
    May 2023
  • Project Link

Design brief: to create a world-class hot spot in the heart of the British coastline - to rival the coolest haunts and speakeasies in London, New Orleans, NYC and LA. The brainchild of drummer Ben Thompson from indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club.

Design results: The transformation of a small rundown site into an intoxicating, never-seen-before lounge bar for lizards and hipsters with a dynamite brand identity. Tiny in size but packing a punch. Cheeky and fun. Maximising covers, making the space feel bigger and delivered from concept to opening in 6 months.

Guests enter via a mysterious, discretely branded door through a thick velvet curtain. Their first glimpse is down the barrel of the venue’s cocktail bar, shimmering in red-pink with a mirrored canopy. Bar lighting transitions slowly from sparkly to bar-fly-moody. The branding is beguilingly unforgettable: a mischievous identity centred around our Bad Cupid character, subtly infused throughout via custom fabric patterns featuring cupid’s arrows. Infinity neons channel the spirit of heartbreak, with get-me-one cocktails: Banana Del Ray, Bohemian Raspberry and Cupid Chasers. A unique hangout that beckons the night away.

Run for The Hills is an award-winning multi-disciplinary design studio based out of London specialising in hospitality design. Founded by Chris Trotman and Anna Burles, the studio is renowned as the go-to design team for premium casual dining lifestyle brands, designing highly original bars, restaurants, boutique cinemas, members clubs, boutique residential and hotels. Their work combines branding, interiors and web design, creating highly original in-venue graphics and art, interwoven seamlessly within their effortlessly cool interior designs.